Friday 30 November 2012

#22 - A Most Palatable Worm

Beelzebub eats Sheldrake feet first,
verrucas cracking beneath infernal incisors,
yellowed toenails splintering like puff pastry.

Sheldrake lists the reasons he is unworthy of damnation:
gave a tramp some rice pudding and encouraged him to 'dig in';
walked around with a Lego spaceman, calling him Peter
and referring to him as 'my familiar';
ate a whole box of Frosted Shreddies, dry, for a bet;
spent winnings from bet on whippet;
released whippet in sheltered accomodation,
wreathed in Chinese fireworks;
discharged crossbow at apprehending officer;
bit down on cyanide capsule inside molar;
spat cyanide in gob of second officer;
watched the moon through clouds while dying;
listed exploits while Prince of Darkness gnawed through
yard after yard of small intenstines;
excellent dolphin impression -

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