Friday, 30 November 2012

#71 - Wallpaper

Embossed trefoil ash leaves - pearl on crimson -
between stylised Ionic columns; Aldo slips
the scraper underneath, steams each sheet free.

The next layer is toy soldiers on eggshell blue;
they bulge and sigh as they fall, at ease at last,
collecting in soft folds at his feet.

The next layer is complicated mathematical patterns
that seem to spin off into impossible geometries;
Aldo feels as if he stands above a deep and spiralling well.

The next layer is scenes from Passchendaele.
The next layer is a blood platelet so huge
that it seems like a planet.

The next layer is bare plaster, like sunburnt skin.
The next layer is brickwork.
The next layer is forest, wind, birdsong.

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