Saturday 17 November 2012

So this is going to be the page for my fourth run of 100 Poems In A Day, on Friday 30th November 2012. If you want to find out more about me, check out my website. Here's my 101 poems from last year, which has links to the two years before. If you're feeling masochistic, by all means go and read 302 hastily-scrawled poems in a single sitting.

Every year, I try to build on the year before, to make 100 Poems bigger and better. This year, I'm genuinely excited to say, I won't be doing it alone! The talented, funny and devastatingly handsome poets Mark Grist and Mixy are both going to be joining me for the marathon. I'll post up links to their blogs once they've put them up. We may well have more poets joining us, and if you're a poet and fancy getting involved, please do. All you need is a blog, a twitter account, and some friends willing to foist 100+ poem titles upon you.

I'll be kicking off at 9am on Friday 30th November, attempting to write 100 poems in a single day. Mark and Mixy will be doing so as well, so potentially, we're going to be creating 300+ poems in a day. In the time you've taken to read this, another poem will have been born. And they will keep on being born across the day. And you can get involved. Even if you're not a poet, suggest titles! You can post titles in the comments section of this blog, or email me via the link on my website, or you can tweet us @timclarepoet @montygristo or @mixyric and suggest poem titles. We'll use our favourites (and, to be honest, even ones we don't like - after all, we need 100 each) and you can read each poem mere seconds after it's written.

I don't know if any of us will be successful in writing the full 100 poems. Technical problems, brain fade or the pressure of competing may bring us down. But I bet it'll be pretty odd, and fun, and entertaining.


  1. I would like to read a poem Titled : I sleep well. Good Luck Mr.Tim!

  2. Titles: The Loneliness of the Long Distance Caller; Me and The Black Knight; Primordial Soup-of-the-Day; Strawberries in November; The Eighth Wonder. Have fun all three of you =)

  3. Oh good. I am ace at pretentious titles! Let me now demonstrate:

    1. the dissolution of stars;
    2. the consequences of falling;
    3. whereas the ground;
    4. un-behold,un-touch,un-say;
    5. stilettos, size 10, for men.

    Have at it.

  4. I am always impressed by these. I shall be following along as they are posted.

    The Ice Engine.
    His Fronds Undulant.
    We Need To Commoditise This Space.
    Connie The Too Friendly Snake
    My Thumb Won't Stop Bleeding.
    The New Team Structure Premiums Locality.

  5. A few suggestions:

    Daisy. Unrequited. A female bishop? Thirty-four. The annoying colleague. Mountainous molehill.

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